NearChoice Programmes

Jamesy is a three part radio drama written by John Casey.

James Malone has reached something of a crossroads in his life, his elderly mother is sick with cancer and his brother Dan is not interested. Jamesy finds himself becoming increasingly unable to juggle the daily grind of the family farm he runs single-handedly, his once routine now spiralling alcoholism and the fact he is alone. His strange mix of social awkwardness and eccentricity are becoming ever more pronounced as he is getting older, he wants to change but feels totally incapable and his sense of isolation grows.


Schools Rising

Schools Rising is a four part literary and education series exploring children’s fiction used at schools centered on the 1916 Rising. Tune in as we hear the authors of Molly’s Diary, Guns of Easter, Friend or Foe and Blood upon the Rose engage with the primary school students of St John of Gods in Kilmore, Scoil Neasain in Harmonstown, Ard Scoil La salle in Raheny and St Aidan’s in Whitehall as they discuss the history of the 1916 Rising.


Best of Lingo festival 2016 compiles 60 minutes of some of the best parts of the Lingo Spoken Word festival held in Dublin in 2016. Join Near FMs Paula Wiseman and Phoenix FMs Ben Atkinson as we explore the Lingo festival and all the fantastic literary and spoken word events it has to offer. We have interviews with Blindboy Boatclub, Colm Keegan, Stephen James Smith, Cat Brogan, Catelyn McGowan and Lily Rose Fitzmaurice among others.

 “Best of Lingo and Lingo Slam are funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee”


Shopping for Beginners by Maurice Newman is a new 2 part audio drama that takes place in a shopping centre in north County Dublin as two older men from drastically different backgrounds strike up an unlikely friendship.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television licence fee.


Lost Easter Voices

At the time of the 1916 executions, social historian, Richard Maxwell, a nephew of General Sir John Maxwell, Commander in Chief of British Forces in Ireland, obtained permission to bring his early Edison recorder into Kilmainham jail to record interviews with the seven Proclamation signatories shortly before their capital punishment. During the turbulent weeks that followed the executions, Richard Maxwell returned to England with his recordings. Eventually, in ill health, he moved to Estuarios in Spain to
live with relatives. Apparently, these unique recordings have lain in an attic in pain for one hundred years. Now a great-granddaughter of Richard Maxwell, Senora Maxwell-Hogan, has returned to Ireland with these historic recordings and has offered to donate them to the National Archive. But first, she has permitted Near FM to digitise and clean these unique recordings and the community station now presents them as part of the centenary commemorations. Each programme is followed by a panel discussion expanding on the topics raised by the rebels. The entire production was handled by the Near Drama company. Are these authentic recording? Are these the final words of such iconic figures? Listen and make up your own mind.


Rising Heat trilogy

Near FM have produced a three part radio drama series dealing with the topic of climate change. Introducing listeners to the topic in an entertaining and informative manner. The first play, ‘The Zombie Way‘, examines how successive international climate conferences fall prey to procrastination and indecision on these important environmental issues. The second play ‘Rivers in the Sky‘ highlights for Dubliners how we may fare with a changing climate and increased severe flooding, as some may think it will all happen somewhere else. The third play ‘Rising Sands‘ shows a different aspect of global warming with the advance of deserts into previously fertile land, increasing food insecurity for everybody.


Rivitin History 2

Meet ‘Marrion Monroe’ and ‘Duck the Bullets’ as they are taken in by Professor Henri DuFornicate’s ability to travel back through time to ancient Ireland.


Women in 1916

Near FM, in partnership with the Coolock Library and in association with the Northside Community Law Centre, are delighted to present a three part series about women and social justice in 1916. The series reflects on women in the era of the 1916 Rising, how they lived and worked and what roles women played in society with topics to include living conditions in the tenements, the suffragettes and more. Each programme features two speakers and songs from the era performed by An Góilín Singers Group.


Poetic Lives

Poetic Lives is a new 6 part series that follows the lives of 6 migrant poets living and producing their art in Ireland. The series features poets Jennifer Matthews, Theophilus Ejorh, Nita Mishra, Nithy Kasa, Joseph Horgan and Ozgecan Kesici. The series is devised and produced for Near FM by Ignacio Irigoien.


Living Archives

Living archives
Living Archives is a selection of oral recollections on the growth and development of the north side of Dublin, told through the words of the people who experienced, firsthand, the gradual change from country to city life in the former countryside now known as the suburbs of North Dublin. In the summer of 2014, producer Alan Weldon recorded a series of interviews with residents of Coolock, Santry, Raheny, Artane, Donnycarney, Sutton and more. The interviewees share with us their stories, memories and experiences of living in these areas and reflect on how they have changed over the years.

This series was produced as part of the CAPTCHA Living Archives European project and is aimed at documenting and creating an oral history of a time past, to be both enjoyed now and captured to share with future generations. More on the project can be found at


Exploring with Tom Crean

Exploring with Tom Crean is an eight part series which uses the novel ‘Ice Man’ by Michael Smith, to educate children on the natural environment, the human environment and history.   These are all themes depicted and taken from the novel ‘Ice Man’ which portrays the remarkable adventures of Antarctic explorer Tom Crean. The children of third class in St David’s BNS in Artane read this book in this academic school year as part of their curriculum.

If Ever You Go

If Ever You Go: A Northside Dublin Perspective

Near FM  produced a ten part radio series reinterpreting the Dublin: One City One Book ‘If Ever You Go: a Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song’ edited by Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth. This series takes a unique look at the book from a northside Dublin perspective by focusing on the poems, poets and songs associated with Northside Dublin.

The series features many well known poets reciting and being interviewed about the poems they have featured in the book including Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan and Dermot Bolger as well as up and coming poets such as Colm Keegan, Jessica Traynor and Alan Jude Moore.

Contributions also come from Poetry Ireland, Dedalus Press, Dublin City of Literature, Trinity College Dublin and St David’s Boys National School in north Dublin. There are also well known ballads performed by Gerry Cooley, Vincent Smith and Stephen Heffernan.

Poetry recital contributions for the series were made by Mary McNamara and Michael Sharp from the Near Drama Company.

“The show concentrates on the Northside – its people, places, customs and memories – through writers including Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan, Colm Keegan and Jessica Traynor. Poetry readings, discussions, art, music – what better way to mark the national day? And how nice to hear some “real” Dublin accents on radio”. Darragh McManus, Irish Independent

New Perspectives on Irish History is an 8 part radio series devised by John Haughton, which takes a unique look at how our ancestors viewed their natural environment and how different periods of history co-existed with the natural environment of our island. In this instance this series relates to the themes of Irish History, heritage, experience and the natural environment and will raise public awareness to a unique historical perspective. Expert contributions come from Andrew St. Ledger of the Woodland League, Lord Ross of Birr Castle, Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Padraigin Clancy expert in Celtic Mythology and Folklore and Professor Patricia Lysaght of the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore, and Linguistics, University College Dublin, among many others. The series uses narration, music, poetry and voxpops to bring the themes under analysis to life in an entertaining and engaging manner.

‘Dublin-based community station Near Fm are excelling themselves with two new series, Here, in refreshing contrast, they examined the “dreams, themes, myth and ecology” of ancient Ireland. Devised by John Haughton, it’s full of thought-provoking insights from philosophical, poetic-minded contributors.’  Darragh McManus, Irish Independent

New Perspectives on Irish History

New Perspectives on Irish History is a brand new 8 part radio series devised by John Haughton, which takes a unique look at how our ancestors viewed their natural environment and how different periods of history co-existed with the natural environment of our island. In this instance this series relates to the themes of Irish History, heritage, experience and the natural environment and will raise public awareness to a unique historical perspective. Expert contributions come from Andrew St. Ledger of the Woodland League, Lord Ross of Birr Castle, Dara Molloy Celtic Priest, Padraigin Clancy expert in Celtic Mythology and Folklore and Professor Patricia Lysaght of the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore, and Linguistics, University College Dublin, among many others. The series uses narration, music, poetry and voxpops to bring the themes under analysis to life in an entertaining and engaging manner.


Format: Documentary

Genre: Contemporary Society


Gateways is a four-part radio series on Dublin Airport and the people who work there. It is very locally based as many of the employees live in our catchment area of north Dublin. It gives an insightful look into the inner workings, the technology and the architecture of an iconic building and institution that is a major airport. Alongside that we also hear the personal stories about the major part that this north-side institution has played in the lives of generations of people who work there.


Producer/Researcher/ Interviewer – Ger Leddin

Assistant producer/Editor – Paul Loughran

Arts Spaces

Format: Documentary

Genre: Arts/Culture


Art Spaces is a new six part radio series produced for Near FM. The aim of the series is to promote awareness and an appreciation of the visual arts in North Dublin.  It does so by examining the rich diversity and innovation in existence in the area, looking specifically at the varied arts establishments.

Each week we examine a different space and discuss its formation. We consider the history, the struggles and challenges of each space. The goals they were established with, and how they have seen these goals through. We talk of plans for the future and speak to the artists in their studios and discuss the contribution made by the establishment, and how it benefits the artists.

We look at the way the spaces nurture the arts, such as encouraging young artists via graduate programmes, as well as establishing strong unique ties within their communities.

The first programme will be broadcast on Monday the 16th of June at 6.30pm.

Running Order 

16th of June: The Talbot Gallery and Studios

23rd of June: Fire Station Artist’ Studios

30th of June: The Market Studios

7th of July: PrettyvacanT

14th of July: Block T

21st of July: The Joinery

Featuring interviews with artists’ Alan Phelan, Jesse Jones, Maria McKinney, Dominic Thorpe, Miranda Driscoll, Deirdre Morrissey, Louise Marlborough, Sven Anderson, Paddy Graham, Francis Fay, Bernadette Beecher, Francis Quinn, Gillian Fitzpatrick, Neil Carroll, musician Gavin Prior, Rob McGlade and Andrew Doyle (Fathers of Western Thought), Olive Barrett, Linda Phelan,Grace McEvoy, Aisling Conroy, Ruth Clinton, Niamh Moriarty, Daniel Tuomey and several others.


Producer/Researcher/Editor/Interviewer – Ray Burke

An Irish Sanctuary: The History and Natural History of the North Bull Island

Format: Documentary

Genre: Science/Nature/Environment/History


An Irish Sanctuary: The History and Natural History of the North Bull Island is a 3-part series which looks at the fascinating history and natural history of the North Bull Island, home to over 1100 species of organisms including plants, insects, birds and mammals. In winter the island holds more than 35,000 wildfowl including internationally significant numbers of the iconic Brent Goose. It also plays host to thousands of human visitors each year who come to take in the rugged beauty of the island or use it for activities ranging from swimming and golf to kite-surfing and bird watching. Join producer and presenter Edd Kealy as he takes us on a journey of discovery in this fascinating natural history series.

Programme 1

Programme one focuses on the history of the North Bull Island and we get a taste of the excitement of searching for arriving spring birds.

We learn the history of the formation of the Bull Island with local historian Dennis McIntyre. We speak to author and historian Kieran MC Nally about the island’s literary tradition and fascinating history

We will also spend a beautiful spring April morning with ornithologist and professor of phenology Tom Cooney looking for migrating spring birds.

Programme 2

In programme two we look at the present state of the Bull Island and we find out a bit more about some of its particular wildlife, plants and eco-systems.

We find out a bit more about one of the Island’s most iconic species of bird the Brent Goose with ornithologist Tom Cooney. We will speak to marine biologist Elenor Jennings about how Island’s estuarine eco-system has led to it being such a rich and diverse habitat for the over 1100 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals which now call the island home. We speak to botanist Conn Breen from the Dublin Naturalists Field Club about the island’s plant life and to naturalist David Nash about the Bull as a habitat for butterflies and about a recent arrival the beautiful Marsh Fritillary.

Programme 3

In our final programme we examine what the future holds for the Bull Island and how we might ensure that this wonderful nature reserve’s future as a sanctuary for wildlife is preserved. We will aim to educate the listener as to how small changes in behaviour like keeping dogs on leads can make a huge difference to the potential success of wild creatures on the Bull. We visit the Bull Island very early in the morning to catch a glimpse of an animal that may sadly soon be extinct from the nature reserve, the Irish Hare.

We visit the Island’s interpretive centre to meet Pat Corrigan who tells us about the importance of education. We speak to Leslie Moore, Dublin City Council’s Parks Superintendent who talks about his hopes for the future of the Island.


Producer/Narrator/Editor – Edd Kealy

Dramatic interpretations – Ray Kennedy

Language Jewels

Format: Documentary

Genre: Contemporary Society


“I’ve listened to the first Language Jewel and I’m not going to wait until this time next week to listen to the next one! It’s a really interesting documentary and you’ve arranged the interviews in a seamless manner.”

– Dr Deirdre Kirwan, Principal , Scoil Bhríde Cailíní

Language Jewels is a three part series which follows the experience of Scoil Bhríde Cailíní, a primary school based in Blanchardstown that has passed in a short period of time from being a “typical” English speaking primary school, to host more than 40 languages in its classrooms. Join producer Ignacio Irigoien as he follows the journey of the school and looks at the involvement of the school in the Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative. We hear the opinions of scholars that have studied the issue of language integration in the classroom, looking at best practices in other countries and the advantages and disadvantages of early language integration from the perspective of the 2002 Barcelona Council, calling for the “teaching of at least two non-native languages from a very early age” and the fact that for many years, the European Commission has stressed the importance of multilingual education.

Produced and edited by Ignacio Irigoien for Near FM. The series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound and Vision scheme.


Producer/Researcher/ Interviewer/Editor – Ignacio Irigoien

Local Club Football History

Format: Documentary

Genre: Contemporary Society


Local Club Football History brings you on a historical journey of three of Northside Dublins most recognisable football clubs. The series captures the essence and community spirit which upon the clubs were founded, and recounts the triumph and adversity each club has tasted. Told through the voices of the key men and women in each club, Local Club Football history is about real football people and football fans.

Raheny United

Raheny United was founded in 1994, the merger of two clubs Dunseedy United and Raheny Boys, less than 20 years later Raheny United were Women’s national league champions. In this programme, the beginnings of a club encased in the local community are captured as they quickly rose to the top of Women’s soccer in Ireland.

St. Kevin’s Boys

Local lad and Irish legend Liam Brady explains the beginning of his career as he lined out for St.Kevin’s in Ellenfield Park.

Although now the most successful schoolboy club in Ireland, St. Kevin’s love their home town roots and aim to become even more successful.

Sheriff YC

Twice FAI Junior cup champions, Sherrif YC are no strangers to success, but as this programme explains, it all starts on their own door step as the work Sheriff YC do in the community is still their main priority. Find out why the club that’s “Always trying” wear a sheriff badge as they work to develop young people in the inner city into stars.


Producer/Researcher/ Interviewer / Editor– Dave Hooper

Assistant producer – Paul Loughran

Telling our own Story

Telling Our Own Story is a 4 part series looking at the history of the Near Media Co-operative through the voices of the volunteers and staff. 2013 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the Near Media Co-operative. This series charts the history of the organisation through the volunteers and staff that started it all off and continue to make it the vibrant media organisation it is today. Through the series we explore the historical background of Near’s formation, the dream becoming a reality, the challenges faced and overcome, the advent of new media as well as looking to the future.


Mad Scientists of Music

A 6 part show about experimental music in Ireland, entitled ‘Mad Scientists of Music’. It will be covering everything from bedroom tinkering with Fruity Loops to technically and aesthetically sophisticated electronic ‘noise’ to Harry Partch style microtonal music. Produced by Gareth Stack


Diamond in the Rough 

Niamh Griffin travelled to Sierra Leone in September 2013 to explore how women and men are tackling sexual violence. High rates of these crimes in Sierra Leone are a sad legacy of a brutal decade-long civil war which ended in 2002, leaving thousands mentally and physically scarred.

She met with people determined to change this, visiting rape crisis centres known as Rainbo Centres. They are funded by Irish Aid, and run by American NGO International Recue Committee with local group The Rainbo Initiative. She also spoke with police officers in sexual assault units, male former offenders as well as judges and prison officers to understand how rape is being fought on all levels. The radio documentary is made with the support of the Simon Cumbers media fund.


Understanding Irish Muslims

Near FM are delighted to present, Understanding Irish Muslims, a four part series telling the story of Muslims living in Ireland and which demonstrates in a positive light how they embrace and contribute to Irish society. The series aims to improve understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in Ireland and assist societal harmony. A general overview of Islam is given and the series also looks at the Irish connection to Islam through those Irish who have converted to the religion, the involvement of Irish Muslims in the Arab Spring, the Irish people who have served in armies in Muslim countries and Muslims who participate in traditional and contemporary Irish activities.

Episode 1 – Muslim History, Beliefs & identity – Explains the history of Muslims in Ireland, important beliefs and their experiences here so far.

Episode 2 – Irish Connections – demonstrates connections between Ireland and the Muslim world including Irish people who converted to Islam as well as those who worked or served there.

Episode 3 – Arab Spring – talks to Irish people who have a connection with the Arab Spring from a military, political and family point of view. It also speaks to Irish people who served and fought in Muslim countries.

Episode 4 – Muslim Integration – takes a look at Muslims who are fully integrated into Irish society through sport, education and family life. They tell us about their experiences.

Produced for Near FM by Peter Kearney, the series was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Sound & Vision scheme.



Bookworms is a new 6 part series collaboration between Near FM and St Davids BNS, Artane; with Principal Dwain Moore and Ms Cahill’s 6th class boys. Each week the boys will read from the book “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams, followed by a short discussion on the topics raised during the reading. The process is facilitated by Near Drama’s Declan Cahill.

Produced for Near FM by Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp & Declan Cahill. Sound recorded by Alan Weldon & Anize Amestoy. Edited by Gavin Byrne.

The series was made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, Sound & Vision scheme


Reinterpreting 1913

Reinterpreting 1913 is a radio series which looks at the Artistic influence that the lockout had on a number of different artistic disciplines.

Prog 1

In this episode we look at how the media of the time used photographs and cartoons to portray the events of the lockout in a way that positively reflected their side of the story.

We hear from members of the RADE project who feature in the exhibition “100 years ago”. They talk us through their artistic responses to the lockout in the form of paintings and scultpures and explain their interpretations.

Musician Enda Reilly performs his version of Yeats “September 1913″ and talks us through the process of arranging the poem for song.

Prog 2

In this episode, Dr. Margarita Cappock tells us about some of the painters involved in the lockout. We hear from Joe Mooney who tells us about Sean O Caseys connection with East Wall. Dr. Paul Delaney explores “Strumpet City” and both Paul and NearFMs Michael Sharp discuss the effect the lockout had on these writers works.

We also hear excerpts from both “The Plough and the Stars” (performed by the Near Drama Company) and “Strumpet City”.

Prog 3

In this episode, We talk to artist Cathy Henderson about the 1913 Tapestry project. We speak to Helen Carey (Limerick City Gallery of Art) and Dr. Anthony Haughey about the Troubling Ireland ThinkTank.

Throughout the programme, all of the above tackle the question of Art as a tool for revolution, both in historical and contemporary times.

Dr. James Curry tells us about the James Larkin statue on O’Connell street and The Near Drama Company perform an excerpt from James Plunketts 1955 radio drama “Big Jim”.

Tá Pobal Chluian Tarbh , pobal deonach Gaeilge,  ar an saol ón mbliain

1972 agus é mar aidhm  aige?Pobal a thógáil le Gaeilge?.

Reachtáileadh iliomad imeachtaí le dha scór bliain anuas dírithe ar idir óg agus aosta.Ón mbliain 1980 i leith reachtáiltear Éigse Chluain Tarbh ?féile pobail seachtaine- ina mbíonn eagrais eile pobail páirteach.

Tá nasc dlúth ag Pobal Chluian Tarbh lenár gcomheagras Gaeilge ?

Briathar Beo?-atá ag reachtáil ranganna Gaeilge seachtainiúla le sé bliana  déag anuas; le grúpa macarónach Clasach de Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann agus le raidio pobail  ?Near F.M?, ina nglactar páirt I gcláracha éagsúla ó am go chéile.

Tá Pobal Chluian Tarbh  an-mhórálach as na húdair Gaeilge ón gceantar.

Is liosta le háireamh iad agus tá fiontar idir lámha faoi láthair lena saol agus a saothar a chur ar phár.

Le glúnta anuas tá líon mór daoine I gCluain Tarbh go bhfuil an Ghaeilge ar eolas acu agus tá sé mar sprioc ag Pobal Chluian Tarbh  deiseanna a labhartha a chruthú.”


Pobal Chluian Tarbh is an Irish volunteer community which has been in existence since 1972 and aims to “build a community language “. They have held numerous events over the past two decades aimed at young and older people. Since 1980 they have run Clontarf Poetry Festival  – a community week, involving other community organisations.

Pobal Chluian Tarbh  are closely linked with community groups – ”

Briathar Beo” – holding language classes weekly for the last sixteen years ; Comhaltas –  a group of traditional Irish musicians doing Macaronic singing; and Near FM – a community radio station, where we occasionally participate in different programs.

Pobal Chluian Tarbh  is very proud of the Irish authors from the area .

A venture is underway to create a list of authors and have their lives and works put to paper.

In past generations, a large number of people in Clontarf knew Irish, and it is Pobal Chluian Tarbh ’s goal to create opportunities to speak the language.”

The series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision scheme, funded by the Television licence fee.

Reinterpreting 1913 is a Sound and Vision funded radio series which explores the artistic influence of the 1913 Lockout in Ireland. It begins Friday 24th of January at 6pm and runs for 3 weeks (January 24th, 31st and February 7th) on Near FM.

The series looks at the influence that the industrial dispute had on several different artistic disciplines from Literature and Song to Poetry, Drama and History.

It explores both well known texts such as James Plunketts “Strumpet City” to contemporary art pieces created by community groups in response to the 100year commemoration of the Lockout.

Ireland has over 1400 km of coastline and 220 million acres of seabed, some of it as deep as 5km. Our seas have weathered our coastlines and shaped our climate. In the distant past the freezing of these oceans created the icecaps that sculpted our land. And when the ice melted, rising seas turned our fragment of north Atlantic rock into an island. Our oceans brought the first settlers to Ireland but later carried millions away.

Despite living on this small island out on the Atlantic we don’t really think of ourselves as an oceanic country and most of us have little connection with the sea. But today Ireland is leading the way in the study of the sea, and our scientists are starting to understand how our oceans work in ever more complex and exciting ways.

Join Lenny Antonelli in this 2 part programme as he follows our marine scientists onto beaches and boats and into the lab to learn about the science of Ireland’s oceans.


The third part of our documentary series Feminist Heart looks at the history and development of the women’s education movement in the working class communities of the Northside. We discuss how this seemingly simple approach to educating women did in fact result in a real change for working class women, who began to question their role in their families and encouraged by educators, sought to look outside the home at other work and education opportunities.

We talk to some of those women’s educators and activists about the early days of the movement in the 1980′s and listen to some of the personal stories of local women who benefited from the movements initiatives.

Contributors: Ailbhe Smyth, Noreen Byrne, Peig Connolly, Angela McLoughlin, Mairin De Burca and the women of the Sheriff Street Flats Women Centre.

The Feminist Heart documentary series is produced by Debbie Hutchinson and is supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound & Vision fund.

The Butterfly Effect 

In August 2013, through the support of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund, Joseph O’Connor and Paul Loughran travelled to Tanzania to discover how one butterfly farming project is educating local communities on the importance of protecting the environment whilst giving women a stronger voice in their villages.

The Amani Butterfly Project is a non-profit organisation, established in 2004, that helps four hundred rural Tanzanians from six villages in the East Usambara Mountains to farm and market native butterflies. The mission of the project is to raise much-needed income for the locals, while providing an incentive for maintaining the high biodiversity of the forest and thus promoting environmental sustainability in the region. The project has also had a positive knock-on effect for gender equality in participating villages as it encourages women to train to be butterfly farmers. Revenue for the project and income for the farmers are generated by exporting butterflies to live exhibits in Europe, with the main buyer based in the UK.

One of the participating villages in the project, Fanusi, has been able to develop a new running water system with the revenue raised through the butterfly project.

Although facing some tough challenges in the future with the introduction of new EU regulations on the exporting of live animals, the Amani Butterfly Project has made a significant positive impact for a number of villages in the East Usambara Mountains; tangible results seen by Joseph and Paul during their recent visit.

Credits: Produced & edited by Paul Loughran & Joseph O’Connor. Narrated by Joseph O’Connor. Voice-over by Kealan Ryan & Sonya Sheils. Credit & audio promo by Gerry Cooley.

The documentary is made with the assistance of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund, an Irish Aid initiative.The Simon Cumbers Media Fund was set up in memory of Irish journalist Simon Cumbers. In June 2004, at the age of 36, Cumbers was shot dead in Saudi Arabia while working with the BBC.

To the End of the Earth

To The End Of The Earth is a new 5 part 30 minute
Radio Documentary series, starting on Feb 10th 2014.

The Series focuses on the Irish Military Diaspora in
South America and features the incredible lives of:

Ambrose O’Higgins
John MacKenna
Bernardo O’Higgins
Admiral William Brown
Ernesto “CHE” Guevara Lynch

Produced by Enda M Roche

Drama on the Northside

A new 3 part drama anthology series by local writers and performed by local drama groups.

Tue 17th Dec 4.30pm – ‘Playing for Time’ by Henry Hudson
Set in a concentration camp in Eastern Europe in early 1945. Levi Esser is a middle-aged Jewish violinist. He plays in the camp orchestra and so avoids the gas chambers. Generations of Esser’s used the violin that Esser plays. He planned to hand it on to his only son, Rene but Rene was killed in the war. Esser wants a young inmate, Shimon, to take his place in the orchestra so the instrument will continue to be played thereby preserving the memory and traditions of the Jews and of the Esser’s in particular.

Tue 24th Dec 4.30pm – ‘The St. James Rejoice Boarding House’ by Jack Byrne
A half hour radio drama adaptation of James Joyce’s ‘The Boarding House’ from Dubliners, this years Dublin City Libraries ‘One City, One Book’ choice. The storyline is original and deals with the tribulations of a male boarder in the titled boarding house. The house is run by an old haridan and her flighty daughter who eventually beguiles the boarder into bed and an unwanted pregnancy.

Tue 31st Dec 4.30pm – ‘Gangsters, Donkeys & Spiritual Juice’ by Denis Byrne
The play is set in Dublin in the 1980s. In a Dublin Northside estate riddled with crime and political corruption a kid named Micko sees a vision of the Virgin Mary. Crowds gather and an idolised local politician with criminal connections tries to take advantage of the situation.

Frank Harte – A Life in Song

Frank Harte was a renowned traditional Irish singer, song collector, architect and lecturer.

Every year since his death in 2005, the traditional singing club An Goilin has run a festival of traditional Irish singing in his honour. This documentary series captures a snapshot of this festival as it is in the year 2012 and provides the listener with an in depth look at the musical life of Frank Harte.

We document the festival in chronological order with a programme documenting each day of the festival: Friday, Saturday & Sunday. This series profiles the man that was Frank Harte, captures the famous, intimate & unique An Goilin singing circle; fly on the wall atmospheric and historical walking & singing tours of Dublin, lectures as well as interviews with key contributors, audience members and Frank Harte family members. The centre-piece of the three day festival is a Gala Music concert from the Teachers Club on Parnell Street on Saturday night which features in programme 2 of the series


The Long Way Home

This is a three part series which pays tribute to the work of the Peter McVerry Trust and its commitment to those most marginalised in society. The series provides the listener with a greater level of understanding of the plight of homelessness in Dublin.  This series of programmes are a cultural and historical document to the legacy of the Peter McVerry Trust, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013.

Programme 1 features a one to one interview with Peter McVerry as we learn how he began his work with homeless boys in the 1970s and explore the journey this work has taken over the thirty years since.

Programme 2 visits The Open Access Centre in Upper Sherrard Street, Dublin 1, which began as an administrative office for Fr. Peter McVerry and  has developed into a drop-in centre for homeless people.

Programme 3 is a panel discussion  focusing on general issues relating to homelessness.  Appropriate vox-pops precede the discussion and get the participants talking about the topics.

Lovers of Life

This is a 4 part documentary series, which captures a snapshot of the Dublin Independent Music scene in 2013. At a time when the music industry worldwide is having to continuously change and evolve to keep pace with new technologies and online distribution facilities this series examines how young independent Dublin musicians are embracing this new musical landscape. This series meets the musicians, the bloggers & journalists, the gig promoters & micro-festival organisers and other people active in the industry. We also examine the support structure which is in place for independent musicians. In essence this series explores how a band, in 2013, can go from garage noise merchants to playing regular Dublin gigs and releasing their own music online to a potential global audience.

Lovers of Life is a Near FM production. Produced & edited by Alan Weldon

CRC Talks

Tommy Crampton Jason Kelly Patrick Downes Nikita Brennan Vouge O’Meara Andrew Reid Aoife Conor Nolan

A group of young adults from the Central Remedial Clinic’s (CRC) Rehabilitative Training Centre together with Nearfm have produced a third series of CRC Talks.

CRC Talks 3 comprises of five 30 minute shows featuring the themes of youth; art’s, culture, transport, access and employment from the perspectives and experiences of young adults with disabilities. The series is produced between Near FM and CRC. Producers Aoife Nic Cana, Andrew Reid & Tommy Crampton

Folklore from the Dancefloor

For the past number of years, Nearfm’s Aoife Nic Canna has been putting together a major new documentary series on the characters and stories of the Irish club scene – listeners will now be treated to all the Folklore from the Dancefloor.

The series remembers and portrays the clubs and the music from the disco inferno of the late ‘70s, up through the rave explosion of the late ‘80s, and right on up to the present day’s eclectic mix.

The Harkangels

The Harkangels celebrates the contribution made to aviation in Ireland by female pilots and the evolution of commercial female pilots from the 1970’s up to the present day. In this 2 part radio series we’ll meet Grainne Cronin, Maria Hetherington and Susan Kavanagh, of whom former President Mary Mc Aleese said the “three women had a distinguished place in the still young annals of aviation in Ireland

Together Grainne, Maria and Susan blazed a trail for females taking up positions that were traditionally & exclusively male. We’ll meet many other women who followed in their footsteps and now work in the air and on the ground in the busy and stressful environment of aviation. Work life balance, sexual discrimination and the thrill of flying a plane, The Harkangels is a fascinating insight into aviation and in particular female commercial pilots

The Jomac Show

The Jomac Show is a 2 part radio series about the history of the voluntary entertainment and variety group – Jomac. Since 1953 the Jomac show has being entertaining thousands of Dubliners across the City. For more than 60 years this group of volunteers has been entertaining young and old alike across the city in hospitals, old people’s homes and orphanages. The Jomac Show brought light relief to its audiences and through the years has featured singers, dancers, musicians, comedians and magicians. Among its alumni down through the years have been entertainers such as the Brannigans, Butch Moore, Joe Cuddy, the Bachelors and Noel V Ginnity.

The series is devised and produced by Beaumont resident, Joe O’Connor, a former member and leader with St Francis Xavier Boys Club and his son, Nearfm volunteer Dave O’Connor.


Travellers Stories

Travellers Stories – North Dublin through the eyes of the Travelling Community is an insightful new radio series produced by Nearfm and Northside Traveller advocacy group Travact.

Over 6 programmes, the series producer Leslie Murphy and narrator Paddy McDonagh explore the cultural identity of Travellers in 21st century Ireland with a nod to the historical aspects of Traveller life and a particular focus on Travellers of Northside Dublin.

The programmes show the positive and negative sides of the lives of Travellers in North Dublin and how social exclusion and discrimination hasn’t stopped Travellers improving their quality of life, while at the same time keeping their culture and traditions alive and well.

Rivitin History

Rivitin History is a hilarious two part satirical drama by Pat Meehan. Meet Marion Monroe and ‘Duck the Bullets’, as they are taken in by Professor Henri DuFornicate’s ability to travel back through time in ancient Ireland.

The Brennan Mob

The Brennan Mob is a six part comedy half-hour comedy drama set in Dublin. When the father of the family is arrested for pretending to shoot a young Garda with his finger after being stopped while driving in a bus lane, all manner of complications arise. His celebrity model daughter is hoping to marry the son of one of the richest businessmen in the city, but her father’s escapade being reported in the tabloids leads the businessman to believe his son is going out with the daughter of a gangster. Misunderstandings arise one after the other thereafter.

Return to the Pine Trees

Return to the Pine Trees is a selection of 6 short stories about growing up in the North Dublin areas of Turnapin Lane, Clonshaugh, Coolock Lane and Santry in the late 1960s and early 1970s by Dublin born Gerry Cooley.

These stories capture a happy, innocent childhood  and they bring to life a time in these areas on the outskirts of Dublin City before they all changed forever.

This series is a follow on to 2011′s Turn at the Pine Trees and the stories are taken from the book of the same name .

Tales from the Northside

A 3 part radio drama anthology series from Near Drama and Near fm

‘The Reading’ by Helen McNamara.
This play examines the position of a so-called ‘common law wife’ when it comes to wills and the law. This radio play examines the plight of such a woman and how she can be cast aside despite caring for a man whom she loved and was mot his wife in legal terms. It graphically portrays the raw greed of some people when property is involved. A bleak look at the nasty side of life.

‘Poodles’ by Denis Byrne
This play explores the haphazard effort of young drug addict aided by his hapless girlfriend from well-to-do families to rob a small cafe to get money to feed their habit. The play breaks through the veneer of respectability and what goes on in these families. However, the cafe owner, whose own nephew died from drugs, saves the day by forcing the young man to fight his demons, re-discover his artistic abilities and start on the road to recovery.

‘Black Monday’ by Henry Hudson.
This is a most unusual play as the main characters are presented by the voices of a bowler hat worn by a stockbroker and a greasy cap worn by a down and out. The play is set in 1987 and examines the destruction of the stockbroker by the utter collapse of the stock markets. This is a bleak look back at that time, which was never supposed to happen again. But it reflects, in an ironic way, of what is happening in the current turmoil on stock markets

This Sporting Life

The Story of Minority Sport in North Dublin

A 30 x 15 minute documentary series featuring sports as diverse as Archery, Orienteering and Lawn Bowls.

Wild Ones

This is a series of three lively half hour programmes putting a spotlight on the world of motorcycle racing in our locality and beyond. The series allows us the opportunity to meet the riders, their fan base and supporters, families, and people who give so much of their voluntary time and effort to keep racing alive.  We look at the history and development of the sport and possible future, as restrictions threaten to curb this dangerous sport. We follow the fortunes of local rider, Martin Finnegan of the Loughshinny club, through his season.  We look at his preparation, learn about his racing machines and meet his mechanics.  As a backdrop to the action we look at the Clubs preparation for the highlight of their season, as they host the racing community, entertaining 20,000 fans at the annual Skerries 100 races.

Finally we consider the cross-border aspect of racing and follow Martin to the Ulster Grand prix in the Glens of Antrim, affording us the opportunity to hear about friendships displaying the capacity of biking to transcend religious and political divisions, especially during the troubles.

Producer – Stuart Bobbett

Artane School of Music –

This series engages listeners in the fascinating history of the Artane Band showing their brassband pomp at CrokePark and their grassroots place in the local community.  It also gives a snapshot of where the Band stands on the 150th anniversary of its foundation and, using the band’s wide variety of high quality musicians, allows the listener an appreciation of the great talent of the musicians.

Producer – Niamh Coffee


A Walk on the Northside –

This is a two part series about walking on the BullIsland.  The programmes focus’s on a walk as a community experience and to explore other outdoor pursuits and interests that complement this idea.  In addition to exploring the walks that are available, the series blends in the positive aspects of Irish society that have traditionally been valued – the art of conversation, the chance meetings, the elements which help to form and maintain the tapestry of our community.

The series shows the BullIsland as a community space, a place used by many northsiders for a wide variety of purpose and yet despite the difference in their interests, it draws out through their lively conversations their sense of pride at having such a facility on their doorstep.

Producer – Zandra Ball


You got the Power –

Carbon Footprint, Global Warning, oil production peak… These are issues to be found nearly everyday in the media; however, all these realities have not yet transcended the theoretical and academic framework or the current affairs sound-bite stage when it comes to personal perception of the effects of our own social and economic activity on the environment.

You Got the Power is a series of five programmes that would try making sense of all these concepts and the part they play in the daily reality and routine of our lives, highlighting how our individual actions have also a measurable impact on the shape of the Irish and global future. The series draws from a diversity of Irish experiences and initiatives relevant to food production and consumption; house building and home energy usage; the impact of our journeys, from commuting to holidays; how our clothes are produced; and the electronic dump.

Producer – Sally Galiana


Northside Walks –

This series is about walking in locations within Dublin City Councils northside catchment area. In addition to exploring the walks that are available, we will blend in the positive aspects of Irish society that have traditionally been valued – the art of conversation, the chance meetings, the elements which help to form and maintain the tapestry of our neighbourhoods. We engage the listeners with a series of informative programmes, observing history and literature, stadium architecture and botany, heritage, wildlife and conservation. We speak to experts and laymen imparting knowledge on topics they relish.

Each half hour programme portrays the various locations as a community space used by many northsiders for a wide variety of purposes The locations are St Anne’s Park, Glasnevin Cemetery, The Botanic Gardens and the the Royal Canal.

Producers – Zandra Ball and Nicholas Jackman


CRC Talks 2 –

This is a seven part series produced by trainees from the central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf. The series focuses on how ability and disability is perceived through the eyes of the CRC trainees and the everyday activities they engage in. The programmes are on Sports, Horticulture, Drama, Dance & Music, A Recording Studio Visit, Disability Awareness and an Outdoor adventure retreat.

Producer – Paul Loughran


The Rise of Brian Boru –

This series is a docudrama about the rise to power of Brian Boru.  The series starts at the final battle of Clontarf and the battle is in a skirmish stage, just about to start and Brian Boru reflects on the path that led him to that day particularly the time frame of the year 960 and up to and including the battle in 968 at Sulchoid, and the listener is taken back to the time when his rise to power started. The story of Brian Boru is an integral part of the historical background of Ireland.

Producers/Writer – James Richardson & Pat Meehan


Bunratty Maisonettes – Round 6 – 5 x 15 minutes

This series made in conjunction with Dublin City Council records the social history of the Bunratty Maisonettes in Coolock. The Maisonettes, built in 1965, were due for demolition in 2008 and NEAR fm, which is within a very close proximity, tells some of the stories of the lives of people who lived in the Maisonettes before they are confined to history. There are, notwithstanding its notoriety for social problems, also many positive stories that have come out of the Maisonettes and this is where we concentrate.  The lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people, were partly shaped by the time they lived in these Maisonettes.

This series of five 15 minute documentaries examines the history, people and organisations which existed within the Maisonettes over the past thirty years.

Producer – Geraldine Wynne


Northside Blues –

This is a series of three energetic one hour music programmes focusing on Irish Blues music and musicians. The programmes include studio recorded content (music and talk) punctuated between live sessions recorded in Clontarf Yacht Club. The aim of the programmes is to give an outlet to the music played by Blues players from North Dublin and beyond, a music which is little catered for and rarely heard on mainstream Irish radio. The bands featured are Pat Farrell and the Business, The Mary Stokes Band and Left, Right and Centre.

Producer – Paul Loughran


Mol an Oige 2 –

Is tionscnamh nua Gaeilge é Mol an Óige II atá bunaithe i scoileanna a leanann leis na prionsabail a bhí lárnach sa chéad sraith, Mol an Óige (a chríochnaigh i mí an Mheithimh, 2008). Is iad príomh-chuspóirí na sraithe ná deis a thabhairt do phobail scoile a gcláir Gaeilge féin a dhéanamh, lucht éisteachta níos leithne a chruthú do chláir Gaeilge, agus chun féiniúlacht chultúrtha agus éiteas phobal na Gaeilge i dtuaisceart Bhaile Átha Cliath a threisiú.

Meallfaidh na cláracha an t-éisteoir le sracfhéachaint ar an saol i nGaelscoileanna trasna thuaisceart Bhaile Átha Cliath agus le léiriú ar éachtaí na ndaltaí agus múinteoirí ina ngníomhaíochtaí mar shampla imeachtaí spóirt, ceol, filíocht agus dráma, agus tionscnaimh speisialta i rith na bliana.

Bíonn an saol gnóthach i nGaelscoileanna na laethanta seo agus is ball de Phobal na Gaeilge gach uile dhuine iontu. Beidh daltaí agus múinteoirí páirteach i bplé bríomhar faoin spreagadh a bhíonn ag an scoil agus an fáth go mbíonn Gaelscoileanna chomh gnóthach. Beidh cultúr na Gaeilge á fhiosrú trí imeachtaí na scoile agus déanfar iarracht i ngach clár fís na scoile mar chuid de phobal bríomhar le héiteas gaelach a chur i láthair. Beidh scéal gach scoil á léiriú trí cheol, amhráin agus scéalaíocht, agus beidh ceol tradisiúnta na hÉireann á sheinm ag ceoltóirí. Labharfaidh daltaí faoina dtaithí ar thurais scoile agus rachaidh múinteoirí i dteagmháil le baill foirne agus bord bainistíochta chun scéal suimiúil na scoile a insint. Tabharfaidh ceolchoirmeacha, ócaidí spóirt agus bronnadh na nduaiseanna sa scoil léiriú ar spiorad agus carachtar Gaelscoileanna i dtuaisceart Bhaile Átha Cliath sa lá atá inniu ann.

Producer – Ken Tuohy


A Day in the Life – looks at the multi layered, lived realities of people residing in the North East area of Dublin. Documentary 1 focus’s on the lives of three women, their day to day routine, family circumstance, how their lives have developed over the past, and their hopes and aspirations into the future. Documentary 2 focus’s on the lives of three men. The participants have been chosen in relation to the diversity represented by their geographic, demographic and economic circumstance. Furthermore, the listener is introduced to a broad range of characters, personal tastes and lifestyles. In this respect the audience will experience the ever changing, living entity that is North East Dublin.

Producer – Enda Roche


In our OWN Voices Series 2

‘IN OUR OWN VOICES  II’  is a series of 7 programmes produced by older women who are members of the Older Women’s Network, a national organisation consisting of local branches throughout the country whose objective is to address issues affecting older women in Ireland. The series explores representations of older women in media, literature and the visual arts, historical perspectives of older women and the OWN organisation and a global perspective of OWN abroad.

Producer – Ken Tuohy


Raised on Songs and Stories –

Raised on Songs and Stories is a radio series which offers citizens of Northside Dublin the opportunity to tell stories, sing old Dublin songs and recite poetry. Dublin people from both the county and the city not only speak about their life experiences, but they recite songs and poems handed down to them from their older friends and relations. Producer Gerry Cooley gathered these stories and songs by recording on location and in studio he then put them together and broadcast them. Not only did this give the contributors a sense that their stories are important and worthwhile, but it also left a priceless archive for future generations. On other levels it provides a strong entertainment element to listeners who could identify with what they were hearing on Nearfm thus creating a two way experience and also creating a sense of community among listeners and the contributors.

Producer – Gerry Cooley


A Woman’s Voice –highlights women’s contribution to society as an action against the different expressions of violence against women, such as denial of education, glass ceiling at work (gender based discrimination in the work place), gender discrimination at home, physical and psychological violence against women, women’s poverty, ageism, etc. It also offers positive experiences by women, who have overcome these obstacles and who live fulfilling happy lives in the country.

To produce this series, NEAR fm worked with AkidWa (African Women’s Network), Banulacht, Older Women’s Network, Pavee point/ITM, and Doras Bui.

This series contributed to the 16 Days of Action against Violence against Women Campaign.

Producer – Sally Galiana


Tír Na NÓg –

In this series Irish traditional story telling is shared with a whole new and younger audience, many of whom in modern Ireland, will be from other backgrounds and cultures.

Through a mix of folk tales, Irish legends, poetry and song the series offers participants and listeners an innovative way of exploring and, for some, reconnecting with Irish folklore. The 6 contributing story tellers, are members of Storytellers of Ireland/Aos Scéal Éireann, bring their vast repertoires of old and new traditional stories to a younger audience in an entertaining and interactive way.

Producers – Pat Rogers & Pat Lynch


Dante’s Domain –

It is difficult to visualise just what a 3 degrees increase in the average global temperature will mean for them. Lectures, documentaries and various exhortations seem not to be motivating people to take corrective action.  It may even sound like a nice rise in warmth.

Near Fm, as part of its Green Year, commissioned a three part serial play to represent dramatically to our listeners just what rising sea levels, creeping deserts and rising heat will mean for them and their children. Dante’s Domain is a three part series which dramatises this very real danger to planet earth and human kind.

Producer/Writer – Jack Byrne


The Boys Club –

Originating in Dublin’s inner city in the1930s and 1940s, where unemployment, poverty, social deprivation were part of the fabric of society, the local boys club were something of a beacon.  With little or no recreational outlets, many boys joined up and the clubs formed an important part of their socialisation. These clubs were to be found in many areas of inner city Dublin, providing recreation entertainment, education and an opportunity for many to foster life-long friendships. In this series we will chart out these forgotten moments of Dublin history, a Dublin that has now been taken over by office blocks and apartment schemes. We’ll talk to some of these boys, now men, and listen to their stories, about those life-long friendships, the impact that these clubs had on them, their families and their communities.

Producer – Dave and Joe O’Connor


Equal Billing –

Equal Billing is a series of nine half-hour round table discussion programmes. Each of the 9 programmes features one of the nine grounds for discrimination as defined by the Equal Status Act. Each programme has been produced in collaboration with a community group active in combating discrimination with each of the presenters and their guests having a particular knowledge in the area. The series uses well known movies as its starting point to draw in listeners and help them to engage with the discussion. The movies are just a platform for discussion and this is not a movie review programme. Each of the panels discusses discrimination in the movies, but more importantly, how discrimination touches them everyday.

The aim of the series is to promote media literacy of discrimination and knowledge of the Equal Status Act in a way which is upbeat and in terms easy to grasp by the broadest possible audience. The nine grounds as per the Equality Authority of Ireland are: Age, Disability, Family Status, Gender, Marital Status, and Membership of the Traveller Community, Race, Religion and Sexual Orientation.

Producers – Dave O’Connor & Alan Braddish


The Brennan Mob –

This is light-hearted six part radio drama.  It is a comedy and a farce following the miss-adventures of the Northside Dublin Brennan family.

Producer – Jack Byrne

Director – Declan Cahill

Writer – Denis Byrne


The Dodo Schools Quiz is a non-competitive primary schools quiz. Nine local primary schools participated in what we’ve termed: The ‘Dodo fun quiz for schools.’ This is based on the scene in Alice in Wonderland where the Dodo declares that ‘Everyone has won and everyone must have prizes.’  The idea is for the children to test their general knowledge in a collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere.

The nine part series is funded by the Sound & Vision Funding Scheme through the BAI (Broadcasting Authority Ireland) and Coolock-Artane Credit Union.
Producer – Jack Byrne


Helping Hands –

This series tells the stories of volunteers from all over the world working in Dublin. The volunteers portrayed in ‘Helping Hands’ are six immigrants who have moved to Ireland over the last couple of decades. What these volunteers have in common is that they all work with organisations facilitating other non-Irish nationals to adapt to living in Ireland. The programmes feature a diverse blend of personal stories of these immigrants living in Dublin as well as a profile of the immigrant organisations they work with on a voluntary basis. They tell us their own experience of receiving a helping hand and the ways this assistance improved their lives.

Producer – Dorothee Meyer Holtkamp


A Life Line – is a 2 part 30 minute radio documentary which focuses on the Dom Savio Youth Club. The club has provided a vital social outlet for people residing in the Coolock/Kilmore area of North East Dublin with a variety of disabilities since 1988. Run entirely on a voluntary basis the club is in a large part dependent on funding from their already hard pressed community.

Each year Colaiste Dhulaigh post primary school in Coolock, with the support of the Boxing fraternity has run an annual skip-a-thon in aid of the Dom Savio Youth Club. The funds generated by this event are crucial for the continued success of the Club. These documentaries will explore the relationship between the Dom Savio Youth Club and Colaiste Dhulaigh and give an insight into how different parts of the same community can lean on each other in times of need.

Producer – Enda Roche


S(h)ow the Change –

S(h)ow the change is a series of 4 radio programs that show/sow the seeds of change in two countries’ miles apart. We will see how getting involved in a project with a community in the Chencha[1] district Southern Ethiopia can not only change the life of the community in Ethiopia but also how it changes the lives of those taking part in the project from Ireland.

We follow a small group of people from Ireland on their trip to Africa and back with the Irish NGO Vita. We record their experiences as well as those of the Chencha people, because we hope to show that donors get as much in return or more than the receivers.

Producer – Ignacio Irigoien


Turn at the Pine Trees –

The radio series, supported by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, comprises 6 stories taken from the book of the same name narrated by the author Gerry Cooley.

Each story, set in the North Dublin hamlets of Turnapin, Clonshaugh and Santry in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s brings to life a time for these areas that has been lost forever.

Producer – Gerry Cooley


Heritage of Howth –

Howth: Heritage, Community and Maritime Tradition is a 5 part series of radio programmes exploring the rich culture and heritage of the beautiful fishing village of Howth. Follow Near FM’s Noel McGuinness as he visits the harbour and some of the community organisations in the area.

We hear from the Howth Sutton Community Council, the Sea Scouts, Howth Lifeboat, the St. Lawrence Pipe Band, the Howth Sea Angling Club and the Howth Parish Transition Year Group.

Noel meets some fascinating people and takes an enjoyable ferry trip to Ireland’s Eye.

The series features a diverse blend of the people who live and work in Howth, with particular focus on some of the work that is undertaken on a voluntary basis by committed members of the community.

Producer – Zandra Ball

Editor – Dave O’Connor


Dublins Northside City of Literature –  is a five part radio series to highlight and celebrate north Dublin’s contribution to UNESCO’s endorsement of Dublin as one of five World Cities of Literature. These programmes feature interviews with local authors from the north side of the city discussing their life and work. In the case of Bram Stoker they speak with local historian Denis McIntyre. Each programme also features panel discussions on one featured work from the author. This series focuses and highlights the unique contribution of north Dublin authors to Dublins status of a UNECSO city of Literature. This series is made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Sound & Vision fund.

Producers – Pat Lynch & Pat Rogers

The Changing Face of Fairview –

The Changing Face of Fairview is a five part documentary radio series produced by NearFM volunteer John Haughton. It explores the history, heritage and local organisations & amenities that make up the area of Fairview & Marino. Join John as he talks to senior citizens to find out how Fairview has changed over time. A local architect and a local historian analyse the townscape features and trace the history starting way back. We discover how Fairview played a key role in the 1916 rising and how James Joyce lived at four different addresses in Fairview between 1895 and 1901. We find out about the birthplace of Dracula author Bram Stoker in Marino Cresent and we look at the many different community organisations and amenities in the area including Forest friends, Comhaltas and St Josephs Boys school.

Producer – John Haughton


The Ladies sing the Blues – 

This series explores the careers of three Irish female singers who have made

an extraordinary contribution to the world of Irish Blues & Jazz music. It features live music recorded in a local venue, acoustic sessions, interviews with the ladies, band members and audience.

Prog 1 – Susan Tomelty

Prog 2 – Honor Heffernan

Prog 3 – Bree Harris

Producer – Paul Loughran/Pat Farrell

Babel Átha Cliath

Babel Átha Cliath is a three part series funded by the
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Dublin has been a city with a multilingual population for many years,
medieval Dublin was already a city where several languages coexisted, the
Vikings spoke Old Norse, Latin would have been present (monks) and also
Irish, Norman and Anglo-Saxon (Old English) were spoken. But it has not been
until the 1990’s, when Ireland became a net receiver of immigration, that
Ireland’s capital city became a true multilingual metropolis with a huge
number of languages from all over the world spoken in Dublin every day.

In this 3 part series, Babel Atha Cliath, will touch on the history and
remnants of the older languages that were once spoken in Dublin, such as
Fingalian, Norman French, Cant, middle English, Leinster Irish and this
examination will place emphasis on the way we use English today and the
preservation of local accents, sayings and the idiosyncracies of Northside
Dublinese. We will also meet native speakers of Spanish, Mandarin, Polish,
Arabic, German, Lugandan & Irish.

Let’s Celebrate

Let’s Celebrate is a series of five programmes focusing on national/international awareness days celebrated every year in Ireland. The days/festivals vary from cultural celebrations in the form of festivals such as ‘Africa Day’, ‘Pride Festival’ and ‘International Migrants Day’, to events organised for people who share the same needs and interests such as ‘Soccerfest’ and ‘International Day for People with disabilities’.


Story? is a five part radio series exploring topics that interest and affect young people from the Darndale & Coolock areas of Dublin. The series is produced by 15-17 year olds who attend the Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service in Darndale, Dublin 17.  Prior to production the young people engaged in community media training at Near Media Co-op, Coolock.

The series uses a magazine format which includes studio content, location interviews, panel discussions, inserts and voxpops. Narration and links are recorded to tie together the programmes. Music is used sparingly to create mood and a sense of place. Each programme also features a relevant piece of music.

The topics covered for the series are Bullying, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Youth in Community, Aspirations/Role-models and Sex & Relationships. These topics have been carefully chosen by the young people in work-groups with support from Sphere 17 & Near fm staff.

As well as the voices and opinions of the young people we also hear from adults including youth workers, drugs counselors, teachers, community activists, parents and relevant professional practitioners.

Been There, Seen There

Join intrepid reporter Angus Beef, and his junior assistant semi-producer intern Beany Tuthail, as they show you a side of Dublin you’ve never seen before. ‘Been There, Seen There’ is a six part series of guided tours of historic Dublin locations. The show takes you on a whirlwind tour of parks, monuments and museums, with a twist. Each episode is completely fictional. Listeners will be intrigued by false facts about Casino Marino (the infamous 18th century pleasure dome), thrilled to learn the of the mysterious secrets of the villainous sir Hugh Lane, and astounded at the mysteries of the Phoenix Park at night. The show will blend truth and fiction, creating a new way to appreciate North Dublin’s heritage sites – as listeners learn a litany of false facts and participate in an unexpectedly comedic radio drama.

“Been there, Seen there” is a 6 part comedy series from the pen of Near Fm volunteer Gareth Stack.

Reading Together

Reading Together James Joyce’s “The Dubliners” – catch it again on nearchoice

Why read on your own, when we can read together? The stories and characters come to life through the voices of our readers. Dubliners by birth or by choice, but all reading James Joyce’s Dubliner’s, the book chosen would be the 2012 Dublin One City One Book: James Joyce’s Dubliners. It contains fifteen different short stories that we divided into seven reading marathons that have become nine radio programmes. We invited members of the public, community and voluntary organisations, to take part in the readings to celebrate Joyce as a storyteller and to entice readers and audiences to discover the most accessible writing of the celebrated Dublin novelist. Two of the stories (Ivy Day at the Committee Room and A Painful Case) became radio dramas thanks to the magic of the near drama group. Now, you can listen to all stories again, on nearchoice.

1 – The Dead part 1
2 – The Dead part 2 & Eveline
3 – An Encounter & Araby
4 – A Little Cloud & After the Race
5 – Two Gallants & The Sisters
6 – A Mother & The Boarding House
7 – Counterparts & Clay
8 – Ivy Day in the Committee Room & A Painful Case (Dramatisations)
9 – Grace

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